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Teach the World Foundation is a non-profit. Its mission is to establish and deploy effective and scalable models of literacy by leveraging the power of digital technology, in communities where there is a lack of teachers and poor infrastructure. Their digital learning solution uses award-winning “gamified” apps on cost-effective tablets and smartphones. The solution provides functional literacy, numeracy and 21st Century digital skills to children from K - 5. The children engage in a self-learning mode which sows the seed of life-long learning very early in their lives. Their solution significantly outperforms traditional models of learning, as measured by independent third-parties. They currently operate in 3 countries (Pakistan, Bangladesh and Malawi) with established local NGOs who have the potential to scale significantly (e.g. some of our partners run 1000+ schools).

In Pakistan, they are currently serving in-school and out-of-school children from underserved communities in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Contact:   Ahad Ayub at ahad.ayub@teachtheworldfoundation.org


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