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Set up in 1978, Alif Laila Book Bus Society’s basic objective is to evolve solutions to Pakistan’s educational problems.

Alif Laila Book Bus Society has three innovative libraries to attract children of all age groups: 1. The Book Bus or the stationed bus library is exclusively for children up to 8 years and below. 2. The second is a reference library compromising of 5000 books on various topics 3. The third library called “Daastangou” or “The Story Teller” is situated in a mobile bus which caters to those children who cannot come to the stationed bus or reference library.

Alif Laila Book Bus Society has also made Interactive Learning Aids for Early Childhood Education and has developed free resources. Their hobby clubs, are one of a kind resource center which engage young girls and gives them the direction towards a future career in the field of Electronics, Photography, Arts, Crafts and Computers.

Contact:   Syeda Basarat Midhat Kazim at bmk_al@yahoo.com


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