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To become the premier industry association widely recognized as the go-to platform for innovative education products and services by government, donors, and the private sector.


To create short-term, medium-term, and long-term value for its members by becoming a credible, visible and active voice for promoting home-grown, innovative education products and services by actively engaging with the market, policy makers, and other stakeholders.


The Ilm Association (IlmA) is the pioneer industry association formed to represent Pakistan’s growing domestic education innovation industry. Founded by eleven of the largest and most recognized names in this new industry, its membership is open to all reputable companies operating in this sector. The mandate of IlmA is to become the collective platform for innovative, homegrown education products and services that aim to improve access, retention and quality of education in Pakistan and create meaningful social impact.


To catch up to other nations, it is now widely recognized that Pakistan’s education sector must undergo a series of major reforms. More students need to enter, progress and be retained in the education system in order for them to have access to quality education and improved learning outcomes. Our youth must be equipped with the right balance of skills, knowledge and experience to allow them to compete in the ever evolving (international) labor market. In this endeavor, the role of the private sector and public-private partnerships has become more prominent and vital to address this challenge.

ILM Association aims to bring all Pakistan based education companies under one roof and serves as a credible platform to mobilize private sector and public-private partnerships to deliver solutions that will take Pakistan's education system into the 21st century in an inclusive manner.


The Ilm Association aims to become the go-to platform for engaging with home-grown, innovative education products and services for public and private schools. Outside of school, the IlmA will also engage in market development, outreach and thought leadership for all relevant stakeholders including policy and regulations, donor strategies, media, parents, and others.


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